Who's curious about Intermittent Fasting?
Hi friends! Glad you're here! I hope everyone is having a great week!
Last week, I posted on Facebook about losing weight and my goals. I asked how many months it would take you to reach your goal if you lost 10 pounds per month. Mine was FOUR. Ugh.
Many of you said you would be interested in following along on my attempt to lose weight...again...HAHA...So, here I am.
A few months ago, I tried Intermittent Fasting. I had heard several friends mention that they had success using it, and it frankly just seemed like it would fit with my lifestyle, so I figured I would give it a shot. I do not do well depriving myself on any huge group of food. Low carb? Nope. Not gonna happen. God made carbs. I love carbs. Amen.
I rarely eat breakfast anyway, because I get busy and forget. I often find myself getting hungry around noon and realizing that it's because I haven't eaten a bite since the night before. So...I decided to try it and see what happened. The one thing I forgot...I wasn't taking into account the lack of midnight snacks (read: wine) I would be giving up. But, it still didn't sound as bad as low-carbing. 
I had also purchased a spin bike a few months before...and used it about ten times total. So, my plan was to do my spin bike for at least 20 minutes per day, 4 days a week (I like to set realistic goals and crush them, rather than failing HAHA), and to try the 16/8 method of Intermittent Fasting for a month and see what happened.
What happened is....1. I probably succeeded in an average of 3 mornings per week on my spin bike. Beginner level, 20-30 minutes. Low impact. 2. I used my DB Squat machine once a day, maybe 2-3 days per week, in the afternoons. 3. I did the fasting, but allowed myself one day per week to have a glass of wine for our 'date night in' (AKA Netflix and Chill...or not...;)).....
4. I lost 12 pounds in one month!

Woah. This was huge, for me especially, because my hormones make it very difficult for me to lose weight (read: I'm old).
So, I started to think that there must be something to all of this! And, of course, started googling.
Here are some things I found out about Intermittent Fasting and why it may work
1.  Fasting for 12 or more hours has been shown clinically to decrease insulin resistance (and therefore increase insulin sensitivity). This, in turn, does two things: A. Decreases insulin spikes, which are bad news for health and weight loss and B. Helps increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2355952
The KEY is to allow the insulin levels to go down far enough and for long enough that we burn off our fat. And to allow a spike in HGH.
2. HGH is amazing. Google is your friend. It helps with fat loss, muscle gain, and just the aging process in general. Maybe celebrities get expensive HGH though IV's weekly because of it's amazing effects.
3. Your body adjusts your hormone levels when you fast to make BODY FAT MORE ACCESSIBLE....Yep, that means you burn it!
4. When your body cells are fasting, a repair cycle is initiated. This can only be good, right? :)
Check this out! https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24048020

So...with that being said...I said that I did this a few months ago...before summer. And.....I went on 'vacation' a few too many times this summer. And I gained 10 of those pounds back. :(
BUT...I'm ready to try it again. And this time I am armed with a little new info and some cool new supplements, and I am also committed to attempting to eat less processed food and drink more WATER.
So, this is the plan starting Monday.
1. I will eat all my food between the hours of either 12:00 Noon and 8:00 pm. Or 1:00 pm and 9:00 pm (depending on what we have going on sports events wise that day...some nights it's hard for me to not eat after 8:00 pm)
2. I will be working out on my Spin Bike at least 4 times per week, in the morning (I have to specify this, as I won't do it if I don't do it as soon as I get up) I will also try to get some strength training or at least squats in at least two days per week
3. I will be using Young Living's awesome Amino Wise drink mix with my water during/after my work out, as it contains Branch Chain Amino Acids that have been recommended to use during and after a fasted workout. 10 calories, no artificial sweeteners, and approved to use while fasting https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/benefits-of-bcaa
4. I will be taking my regular Master Formula multivitamin from Young Living, as well as the Slique weight management supplement from YL. (Plus my probiotic, etc..but we'll talk about those later...)
 I will post the links for these supplements in case anyone is interested. And as always, contact me if you'd like to start your wholesale Oily Wellness Journey with me. I will also be posting some blog posts about other sorcery ;) you can use for all sorts of pesky aging issues. |

I will keep you guys updated. Please comment if you are planning on joining me in Intermittent Fasting. I would love to follow your journeys also!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Thank you for always trying to help others! You’ve got it all on the ball, sister!!! I’m in!!! I don’t have a spin bike but I’ll walk in my neighborhood instead! Thank you, Amy! 💗
  2. Thanks for sharing, Amy! I just mentioned intermittent fasting to a friend today! My schedule would be something along the lines of 10-6...but it's hard to make it to 10, and hard to get home, make dinner, and be done by 6. So I may have to shift a little later, but it will be a real challenge lol. But consider me "in" starting Monday.
    And exercise and me don't get along, so I am not going to commit to anything specific, but I will try to start some walking. This heat is my enemy, though, so I may be a measure of what intermittent fasting can accomplish on its own.

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