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Hi friends...it's been awhile!
Today, I want to talk about something that I have struggled with for most of my adult life...HORMONE balancing.

My real struggle started after I had my son, Isaac, when I was 29 years old. My cycles had always been fairly heavy and painful, but after I weaned Isaac from breastfeeding, they seemed to spiral worse and worse. My bleeding was so heavy most months that I was convinced I was having repeated miscarriages. I was completely unable to go out of my house for at least 2 days a month because of the intense bleeding. I also started having anxiety like never before.

I sought help from my conventional OB/GYN for a few years. Their solution was to prescribe me one birth control (synthetic hormone) brand after another. They also suggested that an ablation might help, and diagnosed me with having uterine fibroids. I had several friends who had had an ablation with complications, and also repeat symptoms within a year of the procedure, so I decided against that route.
I did not want to be on synthetic hormonal birth control, and it was not helping, my symptoms, so I stopped that also.
I struggled through the next few years with very painful cramps and severe bleeding, and then decided that I had to do something to save myself. By that time, severe mood swings had also joined the party, and my husband was suggesting that anxiety meds might be necessary for his (and my) sanity's sake.
A sudden loss of job for my husband, a special needs adoption and resulting change in household, and subsequent move to North Carolina from Tennessee did not help the sanity situation.

As 'luck' (God) would have it...soon after we moved to NC, a friend (and Nurse Practitioner) had introduced us to the world of Essential Oils and substituting them for the candles I was burning in our home, and causing my husband to have headaches. She had also told us that we could use these oils for many health issues, as well as to combat anxiety and stress.

I also had begun to research natural remedies for hormone imbalances and severe cycles, and ran across a doctor who specialized in women with fibroids, estrogen dominance, and their resulting symptoms. He suggested that I begin natural progesterone therapy, and after a phone consult, he guessed that my symptoms were a result of severe estrogen dominance and felt that natural progesterone could change my life. He also, very bluntly, told me that I had to get the toxic, endocrine disrupting cosmetics and cleaning products out of my home if I wanted to have a good chance of balancing my hormones and feeling normal again. I was 35 at this point, and things had gotten even worse. I had also started trying to lose some extra weight that had popped up unexpectedly, and NOTHING was working. My doctor wants surprised, and told me 'Hormones. You have to fix your hormones' I was willing to try just about anything!

I started using natural, bio-identical progesterone, sourced from wild yams, in 2012. I also began to switch out the toxic products in our home with natural alternatives, starting with my laundry detergent and fabric softener, which my doctor told me were two of the most endocrine disrupting products in the American home.
Within 3 months, I noticed a difference. Within 6 months, my anxiety was markedly less. I also started to be able to manage my weight better with moderate exercise and diet. Can I get an AMEN??!!

As time passed, my husband and I both began to be more and more fascinated with essential oils. He is a biochemist, and started pouring over HUNDREDS of clinical articles on how essential oils work in our bodies on a biochemical level. I began to research as well. We were both floored!
We both learned so much about how being surrounded by toxins that are endocrine disrupters in our home and environment is affecting our hormones and our bodies. We also learned how God designed plants and the essential oils they contain to help balance and counteract these effects and bring our bodies back into balance.
And we also learned how one company had almost every tool we needed to get our bodies back on track!
This is where our passion for essential oils and for Young Living began!
We put more and more effort in getting rid of the toxins in our home, and we began incorporating essential oils into our daily routines. We have learned more and more over the next 10 years.

And just recently, over the last couple of years, as I approached that dreaded 'peri-menopause'/menopause ***gasp*** age, Doug and I realized a need to create a system that women could use daily to help our bodies be in balance as we age.
In addition to using Progessence Plus natural progesterone serum daily, I began rotating a different blend of essential oils for each week of may cycle.
The blends correspond with, and complement, what a young, healthy woman's body produces each week of her cycle to keep her happy, healthy, and vibrant. 
Do you want to feel better? Have more energy? 
Do you want to feel vibrant, sexy and alive?
I highly suggest looking into how essential oils and NATURAL hormone supplementation can help you do just that! 
I am thankful every day for how the addition of these things into my daily life has helped me to feel like a completely different person! 

Let's talk about each week of our cycle and why we chose the oils we chose to balance for each week:
Week One (Days 1-7)
During week one of your cycle (starting with day one of your period, through day 7), you will normally be bleeding for 3-7 days. your progesterone and other sex hormones will have taken a nose dive, so you may feel fatigued, have brain fog, notice low libido, suffer from mood swings, and possibly have cramps and/or backaches. The oils in this blend help to balance these hormones and relieve associated symptoms. Inhaling of the blend may also help.
Essential Oils:
Clary Sage
Cinnamon Bark 
Optional: Rose or Jasmine

Week Two (Days 8-14)
During week 2 of your cycle (starting with day 8 after the first day of your period, through day 15),your sex hormones will have gradually started to increase again. FSH will also have been increased, which will stimulate an egg to mature, & will start the thickening of the endometrial lining.
You should notice a gradual increase in energy, a more positive mood, & increased libido, as ovulation approaches. 
Take advantage of this by using this blend to enhance energy, mood, & focus. Inhaling of the blend may also help.
Essential Oils:

Week Three (Days 15-21)
During week three of your cycle (starting with day 15 after the first day of your period, through day 21), you should really notice your energy levels, libido, & mood increase. Your estrogen and testosterone will take a leap at the beginning of this week, signaling ovulation. 
Your progesterone will be at a moderate level, also. 
Take advantage of the confidence this surge gives you this week! This blend will make you feel even more sexy & alive! 
Apply to your wrists, décolletage & neck. this blend also makes an amazing diffuser combo!
Essential Oils:
Ylang Ylang
Optional: Jasmine or Neroli 

Week Four(Days 22-28)
During week four of your cycle (starting with day 22 after the first day of your period, through day 28), you will probably notice a gradual decrease in energy and mood. This is the Luteal Phase, where progesterone goes up & then back down again, and estrogen & testosterone decrease. FSh & LH are also decreased. You may notice cravings and/or the beginnings of back aches and cramps as your period approaches. Use this blend to help combat negative symptoms & balance hormones during the luteal phase.  
Apply to your wrists, feet bottoms, and/or abdomen and back.
Essential Oils:
Clary Sage
Ylang Ylang

If you would like to get started on this journey to feeling AMAZING, please let me know. 
I also have tips on how you can order your own saliva testing kit and test your hormone levels at home. (Saliva testing is actually more accurate than blood testing when it comes to female hormones and how they are being expressed and used by your body).
Doug and I also created a hormone symptom survey that consists of ~90 questions, that can help you recognize what your hormones levels are based on your symptoms. We are happy to send this to you if you are interested! 
The survey itself is free to take, and analysis of this survey/suggestions on natural wellness helps specific to you are FREE to those in our wellness community! Ask me how to join! It's easy! One way is to place your first wholesale wellness box order (see link below)

If you're ready to jump in and try these daily hormone blends for yourself, click this link to a custom shopping cart containing the oils we used. 
You will be able to make at very least 8-10 sets of these rollers with the bottles included! Share with a friend or stock yourself for the year! There are also many other uses for these oils, and we are always happy to chat with you about those uses! Just reach out!
There is also an 'abbreviated oil list' that you can use if you are on a tighter budget. Please reach out to me if you would like me to send you that cart link, or to discuss further! But I HIGHLY recommend ordering all the goodness! It is a priceless investment in your health and in YOU!
You will also receive several FREE oils with your purchase (shipped with your order), a FREE diffuser from me, and lots of other little goodies that I will send you in a welcome kit!

We will also send anyone who orders the hormone balancing oils through this link a set of GORGEOUS rose gold rollers to mix your oily blends in! One for each week, labeled as such! (see pic below) 
The bottles will also include full color recipe cards with instructions on how to make and apply your new hormone balancing blends!

AND through the end of May 2023, all orders of 100pv are 10% off, orders of 200PV are 20% off!! (discount at checkout)

NOTE: We only recommend and can only vouch for the safety and efficacy of Young Living oils, so please choose your oils carefully! Doug has also researched and written a book on why the company you purchase oils from matter!
We ONLY use Young Living in our home, and we are amazed at the results we have experienced!

Have a blessed day...and may your hormones be happy!!!

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