Hormone Help!

Hormone Help!
Are you struggling with hormone imbalances and looking for natural solutions? My personal journey led me to discover the incredible benefits of natural hormone supplementation, combined with the use of essential oils. After years of struggling with heavy bleeding, anxiety, and mood swings, I finally found relief by incorporating natural progesterone therapy and Young Living essential oils into my daily routine.

In fact, my husband and I were so fascinated by the science behind essential oils and their ability to help balance hormones and combat endocrine disruptors that we created a system specifically for women's health. Our system includes a different blend of essential oils for each week of the menstrual cycle to help balance hormones and relieve associated symptoms.

If you're interested in feeling your best and getting started on this journey to hormonal balance, I highly recommend looking into how essential oils and natural hormone supplementation can help you achieve your health goals. Young Living is the only brand of essential oils that we recommend and trust for purity and quality.

To learn more, reach out to me and I'll share my personal experience and tips on getting started. Take control of your hormonal health and feel like a completely different person!

Is God REALLY In the Little Things? Even shampoo??

Is God REALLY In the Little Things? Even shampoo??
Of course, every Christian is probably saying "YES!"
But, do we really believe that? We say it, but so we BELIEVE it?
Does God care about our every need and care? Is He always working in the little details of our lives? And are we selfish if we anticipate Him doing so?

As is true for everyone I know in 2020, this has been a TOUGH year. For some of us, tougher than for others.
Kids at home. Some 'normal' kids, some special needs kids. All kids who were made to be with their peers and loved ones without fear of dying or making anyone else sick. All frustrated. All (probably) spending too much time in front of a screen. All (probably) going to bed WAY too late. (OK, maybe that's just mine...)
So much is going on. Lost jobs. Health fears. Security fears. Fear for the future.

For my family, we are truly blessed (and I usually hate that term being used loosely, but in this case, it's very true). Doug's job has stayed steady. His boss has been great about making accommodations and letting him run the laboratory as he sees best. I always work from home, so my work hasn't been affected. (I can't say that I have used the time very wisely...but we won't talk about that right now...:-0)

So, for me, when I ask God for things when I pray, it almost feels selfish. Especially these days, when so many are struggling with so many obstacles and stressors. And yet, I continue to cry out to Him. My Abba. Father. Protector.
~When extra grocery bills and other unexpected expenses show up, and I selfishly worry ...I cry out.
~When I don't think I can handle ONE MORE sibling fight or emotional outburst...I cry out.
~When I am looking for a car for my 17 year old son, because it will make my life so much easier and help us SO much as we navigate this school year with 3 kids in 3 different schools and virtual learning/in person/virtual learning scenario...I cry out.
~When I come home from a day trip at the beach, after marinating in sand for 8 hours, and realize I have run out of shampoo...I cry out.

And what, you may ask, has happened this month when I cried out?
I'll tell you.I am amazed.
God has shown up. Even when my requests seem trivial, and even so very selfish to my own ears.
~He has sent me the exact amount of my Sams' grocery supply in Etsy sales. Or oil commissions checks.
~He has sent my 17 year old son down the stairs to offer to play Mario Kart with the girls. <3
~He has sent me to Facebook market place. And told me to go look at a car there. And he has put everything together to make it possible. And then made the car check out 100% mechanically when I cried out for that too.
~And yes, He even sends me a small bottle of SHAMPOO under my bathroom sink that I thought I threw away ages ago...even Keratin enriched. My hair felt like silk after that shampoo. HAHAHA

And here's where it gets really good, guys.
I stood in my (blissfully hot) shower, CRYING tears after I found that shampoo. Thinking about everything our God has done for, and continues to do for me. Because I am so unworthy. And because I have so much and so many have so little. WHY does God care about my shampoo? My son's seemingly frivolous car? The little extra padding of my bank account? My sanity where my kids are concerned?
WHY, when there is SO much hurt and death and poverty in this world??? WHY?

I prayed as I cried. Thanking God. And do you know what He told me? (Yes, He still speaks. If you listen carefully...and often in hot showers, in my case)
"My Child, Whatever worries you and causes you stress and heartache, that is what I care about. That is what I use to show you how much I care. I am eternal. I know what each person needs and when they need it most. If that happens to be the death of your child, I will send you peace (or whatever you need at the time). If that happens to be shampoo at the moment, and I know that my providing that will show you I am there for you always, I will send shampoo.
On the other hand, if your answer happens to be 'wait', I know that too. If it happens to be a trial that will teach you something eternal, I will walk you through that trial in my time and my providence. And I will do it so that you know I am there. Always."
And He always has. I know. I have been through some trials that were just a little more stressful than running out of shampoo.
I'll talk about those another day. :)

What do you need Him to send you? Ask Him. He will answer.
True, his answers are sometimes not quite as tangible as other times (he won't always send you keratin silk shampoo ;) ), but He will always answer you if you earnestly seek Him. And He will answer you in the way that is personal and perfect for YOU. And He will ALWAYS work EVERYthing for the good of those who love and follow Him.

Romans 8:28 "For we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them"


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